Monitoring your Home or Business 24 hours a day

Monitoring is an optional extra with every system we install or take over.

The sound of alarm bells ringing is becoming more common these days, to the point that neighbours rarely pay attention to them. To offer you further peace of mind, and ensure that your home or business is always being looked after, we offer 24/7 365 days a year monitoring service through our partner monitoring station. 

Monitoring solutions include:

  • GSM Monitoring
  • Mesh Radio Monitoring
  • GSM & PSDN
  • GSM & Network monitoring combined


Q.  Why do I need Monitoring?

We highly recommend going with monitoring for each system we install. The sirens are a great deterrent but in a lot of cases they just minimise the time a potential intruder has at your property. If you are living out the country for example, how far is your nearest neighbour and will they hear the sirens? In a town house, will your neighbours pay attention?

With Clare Alarms Monitoring you get a definite response from trained professionals, who will be able to notify you (or your chosen keyholders) and the local Gardai and they are able to confirm if there is an intruder on site before you arrive.



Yes. We provide a range of monitoring solutions where there is no land line present.

  • The cost of GSM monitoring starts at €20.50 p/m or €246 p/a inc. vat.
  • We also provide a range of monitoring solutions for more high risk commercial and industrial premises.


Q.  Do you provide a text service to my phone.

No I'm afraid, for a number or reasons we don’t provide a text alternative:

  • Text messaging is not reliable and can often deliver hours late: e.g. if you are on another call, out of coverage or the networks are busy.
  • You or a family member may arrive on site not knowing what may be waiting for you; trapped intruders may be waiting, and these are the last people you would want to encounter.
  • Gardai do not respond to text notifications.
  • Insurance companies do not recognise text notifications as a form of security.


Q.  How much does annual monitoring cost?

This is a 24/7 365 days a year service which starts from €15.50 p/m or €185p/a inc vat.


Clare Alarms Monitoring provide you with that extra level of security, so no matter where you are, you can rest assured the Gardai and emergency services are on alert.