We have been installing CCTV in the Clare, Limerick, and Galway region for over 20 years. In that time the quality of cameras and recorders has improved beyond recognition.

Modern technology gives so many new options when it comes to CCTV: for example, you can view your cameras live from your phone or computer no matter where you are, you can view and record footage off site.

  • We provide a broad range of high quality surveillance cameras for both homes and businesses; from visible, to covert, and from fixed  cameras that do not move, to fully functioning cameras that you can control with pan and tilt functions.

  • Analog and IP camera systems: Systems vary in size from single to multiple cameras managed and recorded on digital recorders or over an IP network.
  • Access your surveillance cameras remotely on your smartphone or over the internet.

What are the benefits of having a CCTV system?

There are multiple benefits when you have CCTV in your premises:

Take a shop for example where there are countless blind corners -- taff can’t watch everyone nor is it their job to do so. A camera in this case, or multiple cameras can act as a huge deterrent from theft and in the case of theft can be used as evidence. That same camera can be used in a situation where a person may have slipped or fallen on your premises. CCTV can be used to watch over stock, staff, customers or areas of interest.

A potential thief will look out for additional forms of security such as CCTV cameras, intruder alarms, window shutters etc. CCTV is just another way to stay that 1 step ahead.


What cameras do I need for my property?

You need cameras that will reach your expectations!!

If you expect to get a clear image of a person in your yard, be prepared to get a camera suited to the job. You need a camera that will be able to zoom in on a face and get a good quality image without distorting. 


So, What cameras do I need?

High Definition or IP cameras: These are the best on the market at the moment, and the range is vast. We do an on site test for each CCTV system, advising what system would best suit you.

We will determine whether you need long range cameras, wide angle cameras, day/night view, distances, etc. and advise you from there.


Can I view cameras from my phone?

Yes. We can get your cameras viewable from your smartphone(s) or computers.


We also cater for individual requests such as long term recording or off site recording. We offer a range of discrete cameras for tills, or hidden cameras where necessary.