Over the past twenty four years we have grown with industry requirements and advances in technology. We now offer a range of the best wired and wireless equipment available on the market.

  • All of our systems are bespoke and tailored to your property, your needs and your budget.
  • Every intruder alarm can be monitored through one of our partner monitoring stations.

What sort of systems do you provide?

There are 2 main types of intruder alarm, perimeter and internal. Both come in wired or wireless options.

Perimeter alarms (windows and doors) comprise of shock sensors and open/closing contacts and protect the full perimeter of your property, meaning no one can gain entry without activating the system. These systems are particularly useful for elderly people or people spending a lot of time at home, as they are free to walk around inside. It offers great comfort in the winter months with long dark days and nights.

Internal alarms comprise of motion sensors located in each room of your property. These activate when they pick up on movement. They can also be used when you are in the property but limit you a little more than the perimeter alarm, usually they are set at night leaving off upstairs and having downstairs set.



Do you provide monitoring of my alarm?

Yes, we offer monitoring on all our alarms on the day of installation, and the service can also be taken up on at a later date if you wish. You can learn more about 24 hour monitoring from here.


What systems do you use?

We have a broad knowledge of most if not all systems on the market at the moment, but we tend to stick with Aritech products for the most part due to its reliability and quality. The fact that we are getting nearly 2.5 times the battery life with this product over others is a little added bonus.

Great service. Very strong on customer service. Moved to this company from Eircom a few months back and will definitely be staying with them.
— Michele, Testimonial taken from our Facebook page.